Sex, Drugs and Techno

A journey to the brink and beyond

Sex, Drugs and Techno
A journey to the brink – and beyond by Paul Eldridge
Former international DJ and convicted drug dealer, Paul Eldridge reveals the stark truth behind his experiences with crime, drugs, and living in the fast lane in his just-released book, Sex, Drugs and Techno, available now.

The drug-fuelled dance party (rave) scene has been going on in Australia – and around the world – for over twenty years, and is now a regular part of life for countless people, from school kids up to middle-aged adults. It contributes significantly to the social problem of excessive drug use and addiction – and not only with ecstasy, but illicit drugs generally. The result is a widespread phenomenon of mental and physical damage, with only one avenue for long-term ‘peace’ available to those who survive – the doctor’s legal drugs.

Until now.

In a study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (U.S.), the following drug statistics were discovered: In 2008, an estimated 20.1 million Americans aged 12 or older were current (past month) illicit drug users, meaning they had used an illicit drug during the month prior to the survey interview. This estimate represents 8.0 percent of the population aged 12 or older.

The truth is: those numbers represent human souls who are being swept away from the vibrant light, which is their true self.

And this is just in America.

Read how one man overcame the power of substance abuse and reclaimed his life: a life that had crashed – and was close to becoming another fatal statistic.

Back in the heady, hedonistic days of the ’90s, the dance party generation was carving out its own fast lane on the road to pleasure. With some powerful chemical enhancements, this global tribe was stuck permanently in overdrive as it strived to party harder, longer and better than anyone had before.

Hailing from the wrong side of the tracks – his life an aimless mix of violence, petty crime, intoxication and reckless bravado – the author, Paul Eldridge, was instantly entranced by the rave scene. It was love at first sight of the pumping, surreal crowd; love at first bite of a magical ecstasy pill. Just like for so many others, this scene became the driving force in his life – the focus of his time, money and lifestyle. He loved it, and it loved him back: before long, he found himself among the chiefs of the tribe, DJing at major parties in Australia and across Asia. With his music, drugs, sculpted physique and ‘let’s party’ attitude, he had it all. It was the ultimate ride of anyone’s lifetime.

The sensory journey was always spectacular, but the internal, emotional journey grew increasingly dark and confused until, like all parties, this one came to an end – with an almighty jolt! Paul woke up one day to find that both his body and his mind had become completely dysfunctional. He sought help of various kinds, but no healer, no remedy could convince him to forsake the wildly hedonistic lifestyle that had brought him to this point.

Then he was invited to Bali to DJ a party. While there, he remembered hearing about a healing practice at the foot of the island's majestic volcano, and he jumped in a taxi and went to find it. The locals there took him in, and the man who ran it, while knowing nothing whatsoever about Paul, somehow knew exactly what he needed. On that day, Paul’s life changed forever.

“Sex, Drugs and Techno speaks directly to the youth culture of yesterday and of today, in all its hedonism. The author’s background as a former international DJ and drug user of epic proportions gives him strong ‘street cred’. The book takes us where countless drug users yearn to be – a place beyond the rehab clinics and doctors’ suites. As a frank, visceral autobiography and a self-help book that is quite revelatory in its simplicity, Sex, Drugs and Techno will both entertain readers and provide us with guidance towards a life based on truth and lived with meaning.” Sean Doyle

"I've read many a book re; an individual's journey through the dark to emerge into lightness and this book is a journey through the corridor of a mind blocked by many doors and then opened to reveal a spirit that had been lying in hibernation and awakened with awe and a new awareness of what the soul is capable of. I read this book and could picture any one of my friends or myself on the very same path. Sex, drugs and Techno go hand in hand in so many ways and I found myself really wanting Paul to push through his demons and find life again. I would recommend this book if you have been there and done that." Jo Danks

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